Stefan Freij

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Stefan Freij

Stefan has been improvising since 2016 and has played with the improv ensambles De frimodiga medborgarnas sällskap and Hags änglar.

He has trained with Agnes Edwall, Daniel Malmqvist, Peter Nordstrand, Anton Romanus, Tim Orr, Ignacio Grinstein, Josh Telson, Liron Levin among others.

Stefan joined the regular ensemble at Impram in 2022.

Stefan loves all forms of improv but is especially fond of short form and clown. He strongly believes that silence is golden when performing improv.

When not improvising Stefan can be found training on juggling techniques or cuddling with his cats.

  • FragmentsCoach, Performer
  • The Impram showPerformer
  • The Ever AfterCoach, Performer
  • Marriage of GenresCoach, Performer
Stefan Freij Stefan Freij

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