Lisa Sjögren

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Lisa Sjögren

Lisa is a wearer of many hats, literally, and lover of stories who started her improv journey in 2016, and has since trained with Susanna Björnberg, Victoria Bang, Frida Sundström and many others.

Some of her favorite things about improv are the shared laughter, on and off stage, the celebration of mistakes as possibilities, and the feeling that stories don’t have to be made up – they are already there, and you just need to grab onto them in the moment. She also has a special fondness for musical improv.

When not doing improv, Lisa may be found making music in different constellations, dressing up to go to the opera, binge-watching comedies that make her cry, thinking about all the books she hasn’t read, or gazing at the ocean.

  • The Impram showPerformer
  • Marriage of GenresPerformer
Lisa Lisa

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