Natasja Shermis

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Natasja Shermis

Natasja took her first acting class at GEST (Gothenburg English Studio Theatre) in 2018, where she had her first taste of improv and was promptly terrified beyond her wits. Since then, she has tried very hard to overcome her fears under the careful guidance of Martin Gustafsson, Anton Romanus, Frida Sundström, Sofia Henningsson, and several other fantastic improvisers and coaches.

What Natasja loves about improv is its ability to wear away at the barriers between people to make them more open, accepting, and collaborative, on and off the stage. Improv helps build empathy!

When not actually improvising, Natasja can be found going to (improv) shows and trying to convince family and friends of the merits of (improv) theater, to varying degrees of success. She likes fruit.

  • FragmentsPerformer
  • The Impram showPerformer
  • The Ever AfterCoach, Performer
  • Marriage of GenresPerformer
Natasja Natasja

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