Tomas Falemo

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Tomas Falemo

Tomas Falemo has been improvising since 2013. Tomas founded improv company Ouroboros, played with Paraphrase & PrimalImpro, and performed as a guest improviser at GbgImpro, Improverket, and Improcirkeln. He has trained with Anders Fors, Anton Romanus, Charlotte Gittins, Daniel Malmqvist, Frida Sundström, Gary Schwartz, Glenn Hall, Inbal Lori, Jason Geary, Jay Sukow, Joe Bill, John Pekkari, Keng-Sam Chane Chick Te, Laura Dorneveerd, Omar Galvan, Patti Stiles, Peter Nordstrand, Rama Nicholas, Robert Weitz, Shawn Kinley, Victoria Bang, Zaki Zikani, and many others. 

Tomas is part of the regular ensemble at Impram and often leads the drop-in improvisation sessions. He has a penchant for explorative long-form shows and unusual characters.  

When not improvising, Tomas may be found building translation boxes that let computer programs talk to one another. He believes that improv might save the world because it makes people listen more and fight less.

  • UtopiaDirector, Performer
  • A Night of ImprovCoach, Performer
  • Oh No! Oh Yes!Coach, Performer
  • The IslandCoach, Performer
  • Passing ThroughCoach, Performer
  • The Impram ShowCoach, Performer
  • The Family TreePerformer
  • Human ConditionPerformer
  • Improv MatchPerformer
  • The FikaPerformer
  • The Living RoomPerformer
  • SummertimeCoach, Performer
  • FragmentsDirector, Performer
  • The Ever AfterCoach, Performer
  • Marriage of GenresCoach, Performer

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