Stefan Herdinius

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Stefan Herdinius

Stefan Herdinius has been improvising since 2018 and joined Impram in 2021. Before joining Impram he was one of the co-founders of the Brussels-based improv troupe This is Not a Horse and is still an active member of the duo Black Liars Club. He has been an amateur pianist and singer since the age of 9 in various choirs and bands, and composes music when inspiration hits. Since 2019 he has supported improv groups musically in and around Brussels and formed the musical improv duo House of Glitter. Stefan loves long-form dramatic improv and creating soundscapes that take the listener to another world.

Stefan has trained with Kelly Agathos, Ben Hartwig, Rozana Radu, Lee Delong, Inbal Lori, Pierpaolo Buzza, Chris Mead, Joe Bill, Tim Orr, Amanda Blake Davis, Ingmar Dasseville, Franck Buzz, Simone Tani, Peggy Pexy Green, Liz Peters, Joe Samuel, Menelaos Prakos, Lisa Rowland and others.

When not improvising Stefan can be found helping to develop new medicines for patients with serious diseases in need of better treatments. He also believes that improvisation is a channel to new ways of living and absolutely adores the surprise of something new being created every time an improviser comes on stage, and especially if it’s sung in harmony and rhymes.

  • SummertimePerformer
  • FragmentsCoach, Performer
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