Ricky LaBontee

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Ricky LaBontee

Ricky LaBontee loved acting ever since his first performance in a school play in 1990. Among his various roles over the years, he most fondly remembers a bus driver who sang opera about the bus. Ricky performed with Gothenburg Drama Group in Sweden in 2014-2018. He has trained with Daniel Malmqvist, Anton Romanus, Rama Nicholas, Anders Fors, Jason Geary, Susanna Ringkvist, Glenn Hall, Kaunda Kokko, John Pekkari, Nadine Antler, Orlá McGovern, Savitri Salant, and Chet Siegel. 

Ricky joined Impram in 2014 and became Artistic Director at the company in 2018. He has directed several shows and often leads the drop-in improvisation sessions. He also currently serves as the president of the company and member of Impram's Board Committee.

Apart from improvising, Ricky loves thinking and talking about what improvising means. His other talents include writing, teaching, talking to strangers, and dungeon mastering.

  • The FikaDirector
  • UtopiaDirector, Performer
  • The Impram ShowDirector, Performer
  • The Living RoomDirector, Performer
  • Improv MatchDirector, Performer
  • The Global StageDirector, Performer
  • Oh No! Oh Yes!Coach, Performer
  • The IslandCoach, Performer
  • Passing ThroughCoach, Performer
  • Human ConditionCoach, Performer
  • The Family TreePerformer

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