Pascaline Linqvist

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Pascaline Lindqvist

Pascaline has always loved to tell stories. It all started when she got as a present gift for her 7 year old birthday: a puppet theatre! Her favourite part was to play the grand‘ma puppet in the Red riding hood story.

She fell in love with improv in 2010 in France while watching her very first improv show. Since then she has been part of several impro groups in France, and when she arrived in Gothenburg in 2014 she and her friends decided to create an international English speaking improv group – Impram was born!

Pascaline has been playing in many international festivals (her favorite was ITI in Dubai, 2017), learning from great teachers and meeting amazing people. For her, improv rimes with playfulness, authenticity and human connections. She likes to play physical characters and has a great range of facial expressions from the weirdest ones to the cutest ones.

When she is not playing improv, Pascaline enjoys to design and sew clothes, run in the forest, spend time with her family and friends and eat sushi!

  • SummertimePerformer
  • Improv MatchDirector, Performer
  • The Human ConditionCoach, Performer
  • The Global StagePerformer
  • The Impram ShowDirector, Performer
  • FragmentsPerformer
  • The Ever AfterCoach, Performer
  • Marriage of GenresCoach, Performer
Pascaline Cornuau photo Pascaline Cornuau photo

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