Micaela Westerlund

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Micaela Westerlund

Micaela Westerlund has been acting since 2003 and improvising since 2018. Micaela has played various roles in the productions of Craic! Theatre Productions in Sweden, most recently as Helen McCormick in ”The Cripple of Inishmaan”. She has trained with Daniel Malmqvist and Rama Nicholas. 

Micaela joined Impram's regular ensemble in 2018. In addition to performing, she also currently serves as the vice-president of the company and member of Impram's Board Committee.

Improv allows Micaela to excel in situations that get out of control and play characters like Ted, a boy scout who would remain calm and funny against all odds. When not acting or singing in a choir, Micaela may be seen writing words that rhyme, teaching, running, laughing, smiling, and loving. She believes that improv helps people grow (kind of like sprouts).

  • A Night of ImprovPerformer
  • The Family TreePerformer
  • Oh No! Oh Yes!Performer
  • The IslandPerformer
  • The FikaPerformer

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