Irina Mirkina

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Irina Mirkina

Irina Mirkina has been performing in scripted theater for almost 20 years. Trained in the Stanislavsky system, Irina has played various roles in the productions of the Barnaul Artistic Studio and the VZFEI University Theater Group in Russia. She has also collaborated with the theater groups Rysska Scenen and GEST in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has trained with Joe Bill, Patti Stiles, Jill Bernard, Armando Diaz, Ed Greenberg, Inbal Lori, Rama Nicholas, Charlotte Gittins, Daniel Malmqvist, Tim Orr, Marko Mayerl, Matthieu Loos, and others.

Irina is part of the regular ensemble at Impram since 2018, directing and coaching shows in addition to performing. She also currently serves as the treasurer of the company and member of Impram's Board Committee.

When not performing, Irina can be found writing, creating economic models, and teaching. She works towards using the neuroscience of creativity for improvisation, comedy, and storytelling. She believes in the power of laughter to build communities, reduce people's anxiety, and enhance their compassion—one improv show at a time.

  • The Family TreeDirector, Performer
  • Oh No! Oh YesCoach, Performer
  • The IslandCoach

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