Hjalmar Hardestam

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Hjalmar Hardestam

Hjalmar Hardestam has been improvising since 2017 and joined Impram in 2021. In 2019-2020 he was the main coach of the ensemble of ‘Dramaverket’, the improvisational theatre group of Karlstad. He also established Dramaverket’s improv course system and has trained over hundreds of improvisers.

Hjalmar has trained for various professional improvisors such as Ed Greenberg, Anders Fors and Martin Gustafsson. Except being part of ‘Impram’ Hjalmar is in the ensemble of two other groups – Gbgimpros’ ‘Houseteam Arsenik’ and ‘Blink’.

Hjalmar is always improvising but in different contexts. He studies and works with human interaction, conflict management and group development and believes that the combination of behavioural science and improv makes people more presencing - present and sensing. If you want to know more about Hjalmar, check out his website: www.improkom.se

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