Heleen de Goey

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Heleen de Goey

Heleen de Goey has been improvising since 2016 and joined Impram in 2019. She has trained with Susanna Björnberg and Martin Gustafsson. 

An experienced performer, Heleen has been dancing since the age of 7. Her background in jazz ballet, ballroom dancing, choir singing, and playing the flute supports her improvisational agility, stage presence, and ability to stay in the moment.

When not improvising, Heleen can be found inventing and building new solutions that make life in Gothenburg more fun and sustainable. Both in improvisation and in life, she is always quick to find more than one way to interpret a situation. Heleen believes in the power of improv to save the world by making people more emphatic and caring for one another.

  • The Impram ShowPerformer
  • The Family TreePerformer
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