Giulia Giubergia

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Giulia Giubergia

Giulia Giubergia has been acting for over 20 years, working with the Torino University Group in Italy and the ISN Leiden Theater Group in the Netherlands, among others. Most recently, she could be seen in the productions of Gothenburg Drama Group in Sweden. Although her movie career was short-lived, Giulia also got to try her hand in film acting, screenwriting, and being assistant director. Currently, she also works as the vice-president of the Gothenburg Fringe Festival.

Giulia joined Impram in 2018. She has trained with Rama Nicholas and Daniel Malmqvist. 

When not improvising, Giulia can be found teaching, writing, and painting. She popularises improvisation to open the doors for communication and expression in a way that other art forms or our daily lives usually don't allow. She believes in the power of improv to address social isolation and exclusion by teaching open communication and the ability to put oneself in someone else's shoes. 

  • A Night of ImprovPerformer
  • The Family TreePerformer
  • The FikaPerformer
  • Oh No! Oh Yes!Performer
  • FragmentsPerformer

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