Brian Bonafilia

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Brian Bonafilia

Brian Bonafilia has been acting since 2012, working with Gothenburg Drama Group and Craic! Theatre Productions. Brian joined Impram in 2014. He has trained with Daniel Malmqvist, Peter Nordstrand, Inbal Lori, Neil Curran, Katy Schutte, and many others. 

Brian has directed and coached several shows at Impram in his capacity of an expert storyteller. He is part of the regular ensemble and leads most of the drop-in improvisation sessions at Impram. He also currently serves as the president of the company and member of Impram's Board Committee.

Brian's many talents include mathematics, programming, and other nerdy stuff. He uses every opportunity to promote improvisation as a way to train unique life skills to handle situations as they come, without worries about being caught off-guard by the unexpected.

  • A Night of ImprovDirector
  • The IslandDirector, Performer
  • Maybe They Won't NoticeDirector, Performer
  • Passing ThroughDirector, Performer
  • Improv MatchDirector, Performer
  • UtopiaCoach, Performer
  • The Living RoomCoach, Performer
  • Human ConditionCoach, Performer
  • The Family TreePerformer
  • Oh No! Oh Yes!Performer
  • The Impram ShowPerformer
  • The Global StagePerformer

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