Behrooz Sangchoolie

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Behrooz Sangchoolie

Behrooz Sangchoolie has been improvising since 2014. He has trained with Anders Fors, Anton Romanus, Carl Toftfelt, Daniel Malmqvist, Frida Sundström, Glenn Hall, Inbal Lori, Jay Sukow, John Pekkari, Kaci Beeler, Kaisa Kokko-Palmer, Nadine Antler, Peter Nordstrand, Rama Nicholas, Roy Janik, Sacha Hoedemaker, Sandy Simona, and Susanna Ringkvist. 

One of Impram's founding members, Behrooz has performed in, directed, or coached all shows at the company. He also leads the drop-in improvisation sessions. His personal favorite over all this time has been the role of an obnoxious, protective yet caring dad.

When not performing, Behrooz can be found teaching, cooking, dancing tango, and trying to save the humanity by making computers more safe and secure.

  • The Impram ShowDirector, Performer
  • A Night of ImprovCoach, Performer
  • The Family TreeCoach, Performer
  • The IslandCoach, Performer
  • Passing ThroughCoach, Performer
  • Human ConditionCoach, Performer
  • Improv MatchCoach, Performer
  • The FikaPerformer
  • Oh No! Oh Yes!Performer
  • Maybe They Won't NoticePerformer
  • UtopiaPerformer
  • The Living RoomPerformer
  • The Global StagePerformer
  • SummertimeCoach, Performer
  • FragmentsCoach, Performer
  • The Ever AfterCoach, Performer

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